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(Compilation instructions included in program headers. Examples in Projects Using OTK section below are separate projects that use OTK.)
  1. Degrees.c - Example of making panels, text-labels, buttons, form-boxes, and sub-windows.

  2. Gadgets_Example1.c - Example of making slider controls, meter-gauges, LED meters, and Bar graphs. High-level widgets from Otk Gadget Library. Stand-alone application.

  3. Gadgets_Example2.c - Example of combining Otk with another application, where Otk is not the main loop. Three of the meters move on their own, as controlled by another application. And two meters are controlled by a slider.

  4. Application1.c - Example of making toggle-buttons, radio-buttons, pull-down menus, and selection-lists.

  5. Plot_example1.c - Example of making XY-plots and Strip-charts.

  6. Tabbed_panels_ex1.c - Example of using tabbed-panels.

  7. ImageView.c - A simple image viewer made with Otk.

Some Projects Using Otk:

  1. CW Trainer - A simple morse code trainer.

  2. Open Tax Solver (OTS) - An open-source tax filing package.

  3. Sound Recorder/Editor - Graphical utilities to record and edit sound files.

  4. Slide-Viewer - Automatic picture viewer.

  5. StopWatch-Timer - Timer application.

  6. CountDown-Timer - A different timer application.

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