Otk Status

June 22, 2008 - v0.68

Preliminary application interface (API) is defined and initial implementation
of most widgets exists.  Sufficient to begin using Otk for applications.

In somes cases, the underlying implementations are merely place-holders for more
sophisticated implementations intended to be developed in the future.  But they
allow usage of the defined API for now, and for typical applications.  Future
enhancements will improve efficiency, look-and-feel, reliability, scalability,
and maintainability.

Most of the widgets work fairly well, except the text-edit-box.  The initial
implementation allows entry and simple editing in the text rowXcol window, but
is not implemented in final form for efficiency and robustness.  Also, some
work remains on implementing the text scrolling.

 - Panels / Containers / Separators - OK
 - Text-Labels - OK
 - Push-Buttons - OK
 - Toggle-Buttons - OK
 - Radio-Buttons - OK
 - Text-Fill-In Box (1 row, n cols) - OK
 - Text-Edit Box (n rows X m cols) - Needs some work
 - Sliders - OK
 - Detachable Windows - OK
 - File selection broswer - Ok

Initial GUI-Builder is available.  Is usable. Needs more work.

An automatic gui-testing capability has been added.

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